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A range of high quality Chemical-based Fertilizers containing major nutrients for plant growth & development.


  • Balanced Fertilizer - provides all primary nutrients (Nitrogen,) Phosphorus & Potash) essential for plant growth & development.
  • Granulated form-does not disperse in water.
  • Can be easily sown with seeds.
  • Negates need or higher grade fertilizers, reduces cost, augments returns.


50 KG




  • Sixteen elements are necessary for the growth and production of any crop. Out of which, Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are gained from air and water. The rest of the elements like Magnesium, copper, zinc, Iron, Sulphur, and Potassium are required more. That is why these elements are introduced into the soil in fertilizers. If these elements are not introduced in a balanced manner, they harm the presence of other elements. For example, excess phosphorus can lead to Zinc deficiency.
  • Similarly, Calcium and Magnesium need to be in balance with Potassium and Boron. If one of these elements is deficient, it will lead to calcium deficiency. Therefore, the plants cannot make the complete use of nitrogen as well.
  • The elements mentioned above should be present in the crop throughout the harvest cycle. Otherwise, it harms the production and the quality of the crop. Therefore, the plants require fertilizers in a balanced form.


Benefits of Calsiphos mixed Fertilizer

  • Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash, and Calcium are balanced granular mixed fertilizers.
  • Because of its granular qualities, it doesn’t flow in the water. It dries easily too.
  • It is easy to scatter around the field, even on windy days.
  • Using Calsiphos mix fertilizer over high graded ones can be cost-effective.
  • Granular fertilizers help provide the proper nutrients to the plants at the right time that too without damaging the crop.
  • Mixed fertilizers provide plants with both primary and secondary elements that are necessary for their growth.
  • Due to their balanced combination of crop-based and soil-based elements, mixed fertilizers provide you with the best return on your money.


How to use Calsiphos mixed granular manure?


  • Sugarcanes, Paddy, Bananas, Papaya, Peanuts Cotton, potatoes, garlic, onion as well as pulses like: Bajra, Corn, Pigeon peas, Castor, mustard green, Aniseed, Cumin, ginger, wheat, potato, and vegetable crops.
  • Cotton, banana, fruits, as well as grains and plants such as tobacco, Chiku, Citrus, Mango, banana, watermelon, Pomegranate, and Lemon.


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