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Dear Farmers,

Every farmer friend hopes to get a high quality high yielding crop in his farm. But if the required ingredients for the correct extract are obtained in the crop, then a good quality crop can be harvested.

As every Human body needs a balanced diet to stay healthy, same every plant also needs balanced nutrients. It requires 18 nutrients for the better growth and development of each plant, whereas when we lack the full nutrients in our crops, we cannot get a good product and for years As chemical fertilizers are used more and more continuously, the strength of the soil decreases and the soil becomes hard and inaccessible. There is the only way to resolve the situation.

If the fertilizer prepared by Krushi India Corporation (CALSIPHOS BIO NPK and CALSIPHOS (Organic Manure)) is used as per the need of the Land. Fertilizer to be utilized for adequate nutrients, then adequate nutrients are available to the crop so that the fertilization of the soil will be maintained and production will be increased and the plant's immune system Increase and farming costs will also decrease. All over Farmers Happy.

Farmer friends, use all the fertilizers prepared by Krushi India Corporation to make the crop healthy and strong and avoid other wrong costs.

“So make the Soil Safe and Fruitful for Future Generations”


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Like What you see?

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