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Proportion to use:

Use 10 to 50 kg in 1 Bigha land (as per requirement) before sowing or after sowing, can be used for every crop.


  • The use of organic Prom fertilizer for farming keeps the soil fertile for a long time. Elements like organic carbon, Phosphate, and Nitrogen, play a vital role in the productivity of the crop.
  • Contains 8% soluble phosphate. It is received directly by the plant.
  • The plants keep receiving the soluble phosphorus until they reach maturity (10 months).
  • 7.9 % of Carbon helps improve the constitution and the pH level of the soil. Also removes the unnecessary salts from the soil.
  • Helps in the improvement of the metabolism level of the crop, which eventually increases the formation of chlorophyll, making the crop healthier.
  • Organic manure improves the constitution and fertility of the soil. Hence the farmers have to spend less on fertilizers. So, to get more production at less cost, own Calsiphos Prom today.


50 kg



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